3D technology and digitisation

3D technology and digitization at the service of orthodontics: a technological revolution in the sector for optimal performance of orthodontic treatment.

The objective of the Becker & Associates Orthodontics Practice is to guarantee our patients lasting, personalised and secure excellence in our orthodontic treatments, thanks to the contribution of new technologies and active innovations.

3D intra-oral scanner:

It replaces traditional paste moulds by scanning (non-irradiating) the dental surface and recording the data in .stl format.

This means a gain in comfort for the patient, and much more.

Range of possibilities offered by 3D impressions:

  • The digitised 3D models are stored on our secure servers (Tier IV Eurohub in Gasperich) for 10 years in accordance with the Code of Ethics, then destroyed after 10 years in accordance with the GDPR.
  • The security of our storage allows us to print in resin as many times as necessary up until 10 years after impression taking.
  • Digitised 3D models are used to plan orthodontic treatment by previewing the possible result before starting treatment.
  • With your consent, digitised 3D models can also be shared with your dentist through our secure shared file system on the Cloud Becker.
  • Digitised 3D models can also be shared with external laboratories that have signed the GDPR compliance commitment with us.
  • 3D models and all X-rays, files and photos can be accessed at all our practices through a secure closed network.



Jean-Philippe Becker is very committed to digitisation and IT security related to special medical data. He has given several lectures and also written an article on digitisation and the impact of the GDPR on orthodontic/dental practices at various conferences:

  • Paris, Journées de l’Orthodontie : GDPR – what impact on dental practices?
  • Düsseldorf, German orthodontists association (DGLO): Documentation on lingual treatment certification
  • Nantes, Collège Européen d’Orthodontie (CEO): GDPR one year after its entry into force and its impact on orthodontic practices..
  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen: GDPR in the orthodontic practice.
  • Luxembourg, Robert Schuman Hospital: GDPR – what impact on dental practices?
  • Paris, Genius Summit: What to expect from the GDPR in dental practices
  • Paris, Genius Summit: 3D impressions at dental practices
  • Luxembourg, Collège Européen d’Orthodontie (CEO): intra-oral scanning