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Why a group of orthodontic practices?

Networking within our group allows us to offer patients greater proximity, more skills within the same discipline and a better presence in terms of availability.

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  • Proximity

    We are available for our patients 6 days a week from 7.30 a.m. to 6.15 p.m. by phone throughout the year. Networked operation makes it possible to quickly take care of orthodontic emergencies or even to change the location of the practice according to the patient’s professional schedule and home location.

  • Expertise

    Our practitioners form a team of profiles with complementary experience and know-how that we make available to our patients. For the most complex cases, our orthodontists meet to discuss different treatment options, in order to offer our patients tailor-made and personalised treatment.

  • Presence

    Our orthodontists all work in several practices in our group on one or more fixed days per week, so as to be available on a regular and predictable basis for you.

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  1. What is orthodontics?

    Orthodontics is above all the art of treating anomalies in the position of teeth. These anomalies can range from minor to severe and it is the patient’s teeth that determine the duration of treatment and not the method used.

  2. What does the first appointment involve?

    In the first appointment, the orthodontist assesses whether any orthodontic treatment would be medically necessary or whether it is more of an aesthetic improvement, according to German standards adapted to the Luxembourg operating system.


Recognition and awards



Invisible orthodontics

BECKER & Associates orthodontic practices have been awarded ‘Diamond Provider’ by Invisalign and ‘Gold Practitioner’ by 3M Incognito Appliance System (lingual orthodontics)



ESR Label by INDR

BECKER & Associates orthodontic practices have received the ESR label from INDR, recognizing their socially responsible commitment towards society, and their on-going application of the ethical ESR principles, environmental management, governance and sustainable development Watch Movie



ISO 9001 certified

Becker & Associates orthodontic practices had their ISO 9001:2015 certification renewed over 3 years for ‘orthodontic treatment of patients: hygiene and sanitary protection against pandemic, digitalisation and 3D technology’




Becker & Associates Orthodontic Practices signed the Diversity Charter and committed to diversity in recruitment and career management, encourage pluralism and increase our innovation and creativity capabilities.



Signing of the Diversity Charter

Becker & Associates Orthodontic Practices, as signatories of the Charter, are committed to promoting diversity in recruitment and career management, fostering pluralism and increasing their capacity for innovation and creativity.



Best workplace

Becker & Associates Orthodontic Practices were recognized as a “Best Workplace” in 2017, taking 1st place in our category in Luxembourg and 10th at European level, in particular for our friendliness, quality of their work and the motivation of our staff.



“Actions Positives” label

Becker & Associates Orthodontic Practices received the “Actions Positives” (Positive Initiatives) label in 2016 at the end of the two-year “Programme d’actions positives” in collaboration with the Ministry of Equal Opportunities, through initiatives that favour equal treatment of women and men in human resources management, decision-making and balancing of private and professional life.



EFQM European model of excellence

Becker & Associates Orthodontic Practices have been using the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) European model of excellence for over 15 years. They were chosen as finalists in 2014 and then “Prize winner” in 2015.



Best Quality Management

In 2014, the Luxembourg Healthcare Summit awarded Becker & Associates Orthodontic Practices a prize in the “Best Quality Management” category. This was in recognition for the development and excellence of their quality management system, and in particular, for the involvement of all (practitioners and staff) in ensuring patient satisfaction and the performance of the services provided.



Benelux Excellence Award

In 2014, Becker & Associates Orthodontic Practices received the “Benelux Excellence Award” in all categories, acknowledging the practice for their “high level of excellence” and their constant commitment to quality and innovation in the service of patients.


Becker & Associates Practices


3D at the service of orthodontics

Becker & Associates use state-of-the-art technology which, through digitization, makes it possible to plan and preview the patient’s end of treatment before it begins.

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