Please read the explanations for the type of problem that concerns you:

Dental pain and sensitivity

You may experience dental sensitivity in the first few hours after your appointment. This discomfort caused by the tension of the appliance on the teeth is aggravated by chewing. This normally lasts for a few days after the braces are placed.

The degree of discomfort and its duration varies greatly from one person to another. If the discomfort persists, the patient may use the analgesic prescribed by the orthodontist when the braces are placed.

Irritation of cheeks and lips

Friction of the components of the braces, especially after the initial placing, is likely to cause irritation of the oral mucous membranes or mouth ulcers (lips, cheeks, tongue, gums).

In such cases, use orthodontic wax to reduce friction. In this way, the mucous membranes have time to heal (+/- 2 days).

Irritating wire (posterior)

If the wire becomes detached from the dental rings, it is possible to reinsert it into the tube with tweezers (by playing on its elasticity), starting with the first arch sequences.

Sometimes, during treatment, the wire gradually becomes too long, protrudes from the back of the last case, causing a small irritation of the posterior cheek. It is then a good idea to cover it with orthodontic wax.

Loss of an elastomeric or metallic ligature

The ligatures fix and hold the arch in the groove of each plate, whether in the traditional or lingual technique. However, they can sometimes break and irritate the lip, cheek or tongue.

In such cases, simply push the end of the ligature causing the irritation back with a small plier (such as tweezers) so that it is placed along the arch, or use orthodontic wax as temporary protection.

However, in either case, when the elastomeric or metallic ligatures come completely loose, this is not considered an emergency, and you can contact us during normal business hours.

Removal of a platelet

During an impact, often related to a sporting activity or the chewing of hard food, a bracket can come loose and remain attached to the arch. If the plate does not hurt, this is not considered an emergency, and you can contact us during normal business hours. If the platelet is slightly irritating, it may be necessary to cover it with orthodontic wax.

If the bracket causes acute pain, despite the application of orthodontic wax, call the emergency department at the number below.

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